👭 WOMAN CRUSH EVERY DAY: Mallory Shelter Jewelry 👭

As we prepare for our WOMEN + DENIM fundraiser (proceeds of which will go to N Street Village, a DC-based organization that empowers, protects, and supports DC homeless women), we're spotlighting the local, woman-owned businesses that will be participating in the event. 

Mallory Shelter is another friend via Salt & Sundry, though we never overlapped in our time working there. The home goods boutique carries Mallory's absolutely beautiful, delicate-but-wearable pieces, and it's there where I developed a fondness for her dainty metallics and refined gems (as opposed to the chunky costume jewelry I favored in my younger years). Mallory is one of my favorite #boss women to watch as she runs her jewelry business solo out of her inspiring Dupont Circle studio. She expanded into the world of custom wedding + engagement pieces last year, and started making big statement pieces with some of the stunning gemstones she's been hoarding over the years as well (yes, they're as beautiful as you think they are).

I've recently been helping out with booth coverage as Mallory pops up around the city, and it's been incredibly trying on my willpower not to buy one of everything. If I had endless money to burn, you can bet your butt I'd be spending a big chunk of it decking myself out in her gorgeous bling.

Read on for more about Mallory Shelter Jewelry!

What inspired you to start your jewelry line?
I’ve been making jewelry for as long as I can remember, but I never thought it would be more than a hobby. When I moved to DC, I started taking metalsmithing classes and completely fell in love with it. As I began wearing the pieces I was making, more and more people started asking where they could buy them, so I put together an Etsy shop and listed a few items. It pretty organically took off from there!

Tell me about the philosophy behind your brand.
My brand is made up of delicate, gemstone-driven pieces. I’m a complete stone junkie, and really like to accentuate the gemstones I use in my pieces without overshadowing them. I’m constantly looking for unique cuts and types of stones and how I can create pieces with them that are comfortable and delicate to wear.

Who are some of your local women crushes?
I really admire the team at Salt & Sundry. Amanda took a chance on me and was the first to carry my line, and has since become a great friend. Her aesthetic is amazing, and she has been a wonderful mentor to me as i’ve grown my business. Plus the women behind her, Sally Irmer and Nicole Laemers, who oversee the shops, are badasses in every way. 

What makes the DC creative community special to you?
I love the tight-knit feel that the creative community has in DC. The people here are incredibly supportive, and genuinely want to see other creatives succeed. 

Why is fundraising for N Street Village important to you?
As a business owner, I’m proud that i’m able to give back to the community I work in. N Street Village has an incredible mission and i’m happy to be able to contribute toward their cause. 

What are some other causes that are close to your heart?
I’m a big supporter of Planned Parenthood, and try to give a portion of my proceeds to the local DC chapter on a regular basis!