👭 WOMAN CRUSH EVERY DAY: Becky Waddell/Be Clean 👭

As we prepare for our WOMEN + DENIM fundraiser (proceeds of which will go to N Street Village, a DC-based organization that empowers, protects, and supports DC homeless women), we're spotlighting the local, woman-owned businesses that will be participating in the event. 

I met Becky Waddell when we both worked at local home goods boutique Salt & Sundry, and it was her passion for all-natural skincare that made me really start to reconsider what I was putting on my body. Battling increasingly worse allergies and skin sensitivities has made me forever grateful to have Becky in my life to not only listen to all my complaints with endless patience and compassion, but also to educate and guide me as I explore the wild, unfamiliar, and completely magical world of natural skincare.

Becky opened Be Clean in 2014 and all of the hardware and furniture in her gorgeous studio space were handcrafted by her and her husband, Trevor. The shop is a sweet, calming oasis that feels miles away the busy city while actually being in the heart of it -- Perfect for all of the deliciously-smelling, all-natural, and absolutely ~zen~ products she carries.

Read on to learn more about Becky and Be Clean!


What inspired you to start Be Clean? 
I've always had a passion for natural skincare, but it wasn't until I moved to DC and saw so many young women owning their own businesses that I realized that creating something from the ground up was even a possibility. I started saying things like, "If I ever had my own skincare shop, I'd carry..." After a few months of that, I realized that I could have my own skincare shop and started pulling together my favorite brands to offer DC a little natural skincare haven that is now Be Clean. I am motivated by the gentle, thoughtful work each one of my brands puts into their creations, and learning about what helps to make my clients not just satisfied, but in love with, their skin. 

Tell me about the philosophy behind your brand. 
My goal is to help encourage self care and acceptance through skincare and thoughtful lifestyle goods. I find that the nuances of natural skincare, be it scent, texture, or behavior, allows for a slowing down -- a participation -- from the user. There is so much to experience in our morning (and evening) routines, but many of us often speed through to make it to work on time. Commercially available shower gels, soaps, and lotions make it easy enough to feel like you've been immersed in a "spa" experience by pumping their products so full of fragrance that you literally can't escape the scent all day, but it makes experiencing the process a passive act. My hope is that by using products from Be Clean, you will intentionally slow down, quiet your mind and notice the soft, velvety texture of your cleansing oil, or the layered and complex nature of your personal fragrance... In this small way, my goal is to reclaim my "me time" and encourage others to do the same. We all need and deserve it.  

Who are some of your local women crushes? 
Of course, Morgan H. West. She is a genuinely nice, inspiring person who wants those around her to succeed. There is no pretense when chatting with her... you can come as you are! Through her hard work, good spirit and dedication to this community, she has achieved so much for local businesses and creatives. She is truly a woman of the people and it makes her a special treasure. 

What makes the DC creative community special to you?
In my experience, we all understand and embrace that we are in this together. That spirit of acceptance is something unique in DC, and something I really love and appreciate. 

Why is fundraising for N Street Village important to you?
Fundraising for N Street Village is important because we all have times in our lives where we need someone's help and compassion... especially today. With so much turmoil and scapegoating, I try to remind myself that there are real people who need real help and one small way to help is through fundraising with other women. 

What are some other causes that are close to your heart?
Animals and the environment are always closest to my heart, and as an organization we are exploring how to better support community causes all year round.