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2016 was a tough year for many of us; I fought a lot of personal battles and felt pretty lost by the end of it all.

And though it's cliché to think that a new year will be a fresh slate -- as if your 2016 problems stop existing the moment the clock strikes midnight on December 31st -- I can't help but feel it: refreshed, re-energized, and ready to make moves. It might be that I'm back home for the new year, visiting the most beautiful island with the most beautiful people. It's easy to feel like anything can happen in such a magical place. But I'm hopeful that the feeling will stay with me when I'm back in DC and I'm ready to bring a bit of this magic back with me in the promises I make to myself and to others. Here's what I resolve this year:

TO BE BETTER TO MY SELF: To not only recognize when I need to take a break but to let myself do so. To recognize the value of taking time off and away.

TO LET GO OF FEAR, DOUBT AND UNNECESSARY STRESS: Believing in my own power and using that power to achieve my goals and reach for my dreams.

TO SUPPORT THOSE I LOVE AND THOSE I DON'T YET KNOW: Continuing my goal of promoting and championing the makers and shakers of DC and helping their voices to be heard inside and outside of the DMV. To shop local and encourage others to do so too.

These are small but mighty goals. Unmeasurable, to be certain, because I've learned that sometimes achievement is better measured in how you feel at the end of a journey than in the journey itself. What are your goals for this year, and how do you plan on measuring them? Wherever this year takes you and whatever your personal journey looks like, I hope 2017 gives you the fuel you need to light all your fires, the strength to keep them lit, and nothing but
G O O D · V I B E S for the road ahead. And while you figure it all out, I'm sending you a little bit of sunshine from beautiful Puerto Rico: